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Your Boss, Your Board, and You: Enacting change at your organization, even if you aren’t at the top of the org chart

Join me at the 2019 MCN Nonprofit Conference in Rochester, Minnesota. I’ll be presenting this session with my friends and colleagues Stephanie Brown and Julie Strand.

You’ve studied the books, drawn on your own experience, and gone to the conferences. You know what your organization needs to change. But how do you create that change – especially if you aren’t the one making the big decisions? In this fun and interactive session, we will move past the jargon to share surprising ways you can build consensus and enact change at your organization, regardless of your position on the org chart.  

You will come away with straightforward tools and hands-on techniques you can use to make the case for change to your colleagues, executive, and board leadership. We’ll talk about what to do when you face push back around needed change, and help you navigate the tough conversations and conflicts that may arise.  You will leave this session with renewed confidence in your ability to enact meaningful change at your organization.