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Beyond the Spreadsheet: Giving Your Board the Data They Want and the Information They Need

Are you worried that your board members don’t really “get” the work you are doing?

Are they asking the same questions over and over – never seeming to read the
materials you send them?

In this fun and engaging session I will team up with COMPAS Executive Director Dawne Brown White and draw on our experience to help you review the fundamentals of communicating with your board and avoid some common pitfalls. 

We'll help you succeed with new tools for creating effective and engaging board reports, financial documents, and board training. You will learn how to identify the information your board needs, and techniques for putting together reports that share information without being boring or overwhelming your board. We’ll also touch on why good reporting is so important.

You will leave this session with hands-on tools and techniques for putting together reports that will wow your board, and increased confidence in your ability to engage and motivate your board through effective reporting.