Are board members and staff members truly "better together"?

We've all been there. Maybe it's a board member who is hyper-critical -- and makes their remarks at the worst possible times.  Or maybe you really need fundraising help from your board, but selective deafness takes over whenever raising money is mentioned.


You know it as well as I do -- building good relationships with board members and other leadership volunteers can be challenging.

It's tempting to throw up our hands and go it alone. Is it worth all of this work? Are board members and staff members truly "better together"?

A few weeks ago I had the chance to present with fundraiser extraordinaire Jermaine Smith at the Association of Fundraising Professionals conference in New Orleans. We talked about how to improve relationships with your board members, and covered a few common pitfalls. Check out our tips on our session handout here.

What challenges are you facing with your board members? What tips do you have for fellow fundraisers who are looking to build good relationships with their board members?

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